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Im always writing software and plugins for my own personal projects... most of them are just for personal use but if you are interested we can chat and discuss what we can do ;)

Spaco Plugins

Spaco Plugins is a suite of 8 AU, VST and VST3 plugins intended to provide tools for spatialization purposes

Download the 8 Spaco plugins in AU, VST and VST3 formats. If you need them in  AAX format write me.


It is a multichannel panner system plugin adaptable to any number of speakers in any topology. It is based on time arrival difference and distance amplitude calculations to make it available for any number of speakrs.

Currently it is a VST/AU plugin for using in a regular channel strip inside a compatible DAW. The user can determine the position of the object in R3 space and change it in real time. The speaker positions need to be defined by the user according to its own speaker arrangement.

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