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In these projects I participated as an acoustic consultant and designer together ir architect Guillermo Sierra.
Together we create acoustic solutions with very high architectonic qualities

Piel Camaleón

This is a project held in colaboration with the architect Guillermo Sierra, that consisted in performing a acoustic conditioning space to get the best sound as well as the dual ability to record, mix and rehearse in a room with exceptional sound.

Catalina Méndez

This is a project in which integration and acoustic conditioning design was made at Catalina Mendez's recording and mixing studio. It has a recording space and a mixing space; however, it has the possibility of putting them together or apart depending on the project needs.


In this project the design of isolation and conditioning recording of the booth for the advertising company "LaThink" was held. It is only a space for voice recording; however, it is acoustically treated to be dry and allow voiceovers, narration and voices in general.

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