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This is a snippet of some musical projects I've been involved in.


The Voices of Silicon Valley

This is a intermedia presentation of Stimmung composed by Karlheinz Stockhausen and performed by "The Voices of Silicon Valley". Stockhausen's piece which was intended as a sound immersive piece was recorded and portrayed in an interactive sculpture where the listener can choose its listening location in a binaural reproduction system by moving a 3D Printed representation of tuning systems.

Composed by: Karlheinz Stockhausen. Interpreted by: The Voices of Silicon Valley Directed by: Cyril Deaconoff Recorded by: Megan Jurek & Juan Sierra Mixed by: Juan Sierra

Software Dev by: Juan Sierra

Sculpture by: Juan Sierra

El Aprendiz

Ricardo Prado

This Album was produced by Ricardo Prado and Juan José Salazar. Recorded by Juan José Salazar andJuan David Sierra

Recorded by: Juan José Salazar and Juan David Sierra

Mix:ed by Juan José Salazar and Juan David Sierra

Mastered by Juan José Salazar

Xaverian Symphonic Band

Xavierian University

Xavierian Symphonic Band Recordings at Centro Atico's Studies by Catalina Mendez and Juan Sierra.

Recorded by: Juan Sierra, Diego Hoyos and Catalina Méndez

Mezcla: Juan Sierra and Catalina Méndez



Mandreina is a local jazz band seeking to do modern versions of traditional classics from around the world

Recorded by: Catalina Méndez and Juan Sierra.

Mixed by: Catalina Méndez and Juan Sierra.

Mastered by: Juan Sierra

Juan Felipe Umaña's Quartet

Juan Felipe Umaña

Juan Felipe Umaña is a Colombian guitarist who on this occasion set a jazz quartet to play a few jazz standards.

Recorded by: Juan Sierra.

Recording Assistants: Carolina Rodríguez, David Amézquita, Carlos Triana and Nicolás Cantor.

Mixed by: Juan Sierra

Mastered by: Juan Sierra

Gonzaga's University Choir

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University in the US is part of the Jesuit community, and through an agreement with the Pontifical Xavierian University, this recording of its Chamber Choir was done.

Recorded by: Diego Hoyos and Juan Sierra

Mixed by: Juan Sierra

John Chowning Live in Bogotá

John Chowning

Thanks to a visit made by John Chowning to Bogota for a series of lectures allow  the opportunity to perform a concert in which it was possible to make a recording of his live works.

Recorded by: Carolina Rodríguez, Nicolás Cantor, Augusto Beltran, Carlos Triana, David Amézquita and Juan Sierra

Mixed by: Juan Sierra


Los Zirumas

The Zirumas is a band of musicians who produce Rock in Spanish . In this case we had the pleasure of having Pianoman member of LA33 as a guest pianist in the Mulata song.

Recorded by: Juan Sierra.

Recording Assistants: Camilo Manchego, Juan Pablo Velásquez and Catalina Méndez

Mixed by: Juan Sierra

My Life with Lily

Lily Tran

This EP shows a series of compositions done by Lily Bao Tran whose musical arrangements were made during my stay in the US

Musical Arrangements by: Juan Sierra

Recorded by: Juan Sierra

Mixed by: Juan Sierra

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