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A small snippet of some audiovisual works I've been involved.

Breeze in C - SLOrk!

Breeze in C explores the distribution of performance tasks among one conductor, four performers and a soloist. It is written in three sections; granular synthesis section, harmonic section and return back to the granulation. The conductor is responsible for unifying the performers, setting the tempo, and shaping the overall sound. Apart from directing in more traditional ways, the conductor also directly controls instruments’ presence in the performance. While performers can manipulate the timbre of their instruments, the soloist plays independently, allowing her to open up the ensemble to new aesthetic dimensions.


This in intermedia piece were a photographic album is reinterpreted combining video processing and a piano performance. The photographs are drawn in a screen in a pointillistic style by the spectral distribution of the sound produced by the piano. This creates a dynamic in which the performer not only sonifies the photographs in realtime but creates a narrative by connecting the whole album through improvisation

Photography by: Camilo Rivera

Software Dev by: Juan Sierra

Piano by: Juan Sierra

Recorded and Mixed by: Juan Sierra

Just Waveforms

This is an improvisational intermedia piece! Two synthesizers are used to control two different signal goniometers which create Lissajous patterns. The synthesizers are specially designed to enable the performer the creation of signal behaviors that create specific figures. Accordingly, the performer is not only concerned about the produced sound but also about the visualization which becomes more than a mere byproduct. Additionally, a tablet allows the control of graphic parameters through OSC to have an additional layer of control over the system

San Andresito - The movie

In this project I worked in the sound design of the film San Andresito along with Natalia Ramirez and Lorenzo Caballero under the direction of Ricardo Escallón.

7 Visiones del Amén

In this project I participated as a recording assistant for the music played by the BDB Duet, recorded and mixed by Jose Pupo in the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater. Later I made the Final Mix as a ReRecording engineer of the Film at Centro Atico

Duck Sessions - Piel Camaleón

A set of 4 video clips recorded for the Colombian Rock Band Piel Camaleon. Everything was recorded together in location with very few edits.

Recorded by: Juan Sierra & Carolina Rodriguez

Mixed by: Camilo Manchego

Mastered by: Juan Sierra

Video by: Duck Sessions

Xavierian Symphonic Band

Video for Xaverian Symphonic Band recorded at Centro Atico and later mixed in collaboration with Catalina Mendez

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