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I like to explore the possibilities of musical interaction. We tend to get used to musical instruments in their current form but every single one of them was strange and new at some point. These are mere prototypes of things I consider interesting. An exploration of musical interaction, expressiveness and physicality







In this instrument a couple of piezzos are used to calculate the distance along a stick of the hit with some brushes. Then this information is mapped to a karplus-Strong algorithm!

Pad Maker is an instrument based on softPots as sliders for frequency tracking.

In one of its implementations the third soft pot serves as an envelope controller. This last one tracks de average level of the first derivative of the voltage so that the envelope of the instrument is controlled by the velocity of the right hand! In this implementation the software is based on ChucK

In the second one, the layout changed and instead of using Chuck as an audio generator im using Faust code through Fauck!

SpeakerDrum is an instrument composed of multiple Dual Voice Coil speakers (DVC) where two coils are used to drive the same membrane; however, in this case, one of them is used as a microphone which then is used by the performer as an input interfase of per- cussive gestures. Of course, this leads to potential feedback, but with enough control, an interesting ex- ploration of resonance, haptic feedback and sound em- bodiment is possible.

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