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Live Sound

From the world of live sound I seek to develop musical ideas of local bands to forge a sound identity.

The new development of sound will be essential for the positioning of Colombia in the global scene. Each band must find its own sound, otherwise how can they be something more?

Piel Camaleón

Piel Camaleon is a local rock band integrated by: Daniel Moreno (lead voice, guitar, piano and other instruments) Jacobo Moreno (bass and voice) Sebastián Vargas (percussion and voice) Camilo Manchego (guitar and voice)

La Sociedad De La Sombrilla

La sociedad de la sombrilla is a local rock band. It is integrated by Alejandro Peña (drums and voice), Juan Pablo Cortés (Electric guitar and voice), Jacobo Moreno (lead and backing voice, Nicolas Gutierrez (guitar).