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Below you will find a compilation of my recent audiovisual projects
San Andresito - The movie

In this project I worked in the sound design of the film San Andresito along with Natalia Ramirez and Lorenzo Caballero under the direction of Ricardo Escallón.

7 Visiones del Amén

In this project I participated as a recording assistant for the music played by the BDB Duet and recorded and mixed by Jose Pupo in the Julio Mario Santo Domingo Theater. Later I made the Final Mix of the Film at Centro Atico

Los Aristogatos

This project consisted  in revoicing a fragment of the famous Disney movie "The Aristocats". In this process all the music, environments, dialogue and effects were recorded. Finally, the stereo and surround mixing were performed.

Password: Aristogatos


This project consisted on revoicing the Nickelodeon movie trailer Rango. In this process all the music, settings and dialogues were recorded and stereo mix was done.

Xaverian Symphonic Band

Video for Xaverian Symphonic Band recorded at Centro Atico and later mixed in collaboration with Catalina Mendez

Juan Felipe Umaña

Recording and Mixing of Juan Felipe Umaña's Jazz Quartet.  3 songs were recorded: Moose the Mooche, Interplay and Blues.

Greta Amada

Block Recording of Greta Amada's Bogota band with her song "Me Da Igual". It was held at the Centro Atico with Nicolas Cantor, Carlos Triana, Carolina Rodríguez and David Amézquita. The mix was performed on an analog system of JuanSaudio and the mastering was done by Carlos Silva in C1Mastering